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Luxury explored in every dive

The team of leaders is all about scuba diving adventures and guided snorkeling escapades. They’re specialized in creating unique memories in the exquisite Red Sea of Aqaba. Their top-notch boats and shore excursions are fully equipped for both diving and snorkeling, ensuring a luxurious experience.

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Conservation Advocates

We are passionate about marine conservation and actively engage in efforts to protect and preserve our sea.


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Experienced Dive Professionals

Our team consists of certified dive instructors and experts who possess extensive knowledge of the local marine environment.

Marine life in Red sea

Safety First

We strictly follow safety protocols and maintain top-notch equipment to ensure every dive is a safe and enjoyable one.

Flexible Dive Scheduling

Catering to your convenience, we offer flexible dive scheduling options, allowing you to make the most of your time and preferences.

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Diverse Dive Destinations

Explore a variety of stunning dive sites, each offering unique marine life and underwater landscapes.


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Sure you can. There are special private sessions for beginners. Our professional team will take a good care of you to enjoy a safe and exciting experience.

The maximum depth is 12 m and min would be 5 m .
The well-known tour for beginners would be the tank and seven sisters coral reef ( 2 dive sites in one dive) Hercules C130 could be your second choice.

Yes, sure.
certified divers can join new divers in a beginners tour no more than 12 m depth

Yes sure you can contact us to get a package offer that suits you the best

After you physician approval , sure you can . You will get special supervision indeed.

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An all round great experience with local experts that know what they're doing and are truly devoted to diving.