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Scuba courses

From Zero to Hero!

Enhance your lung's breathing capacity

Learn scuba diving fundamentals, essential diving skills, and earn your certification . Start your diving education today and discover the amazing marine life waiting for you.

You will be a qualified Open Water Diver after completing the course, which means you may dive up to 60 feet (18 meters) deep with a dive companion.

Is for you if you want to develop your diving skills and take your diving experiences to the next level.

You will learn how to handle diving accidents and administer first aid in an emergency. Get your course now and upgrade your skills!

It’s a big step toward becoming a dive professional and possibly launching a career in the diving business.

First level

Open Water course

If you want to learn about the underwater environment, the PADI Open Water Course is a great way to start. It is the first level of scuba diving certification that will provide you with the skills and information needed to dive confidently and comfortably.
Throughout the course, you will study the essentials of scuba diving, such as diving physics, how to assemble and maintain scuba equipment, and how to communicate with your dive buddy.

You’ll also learn basic diving techniques like breathing underwater, cleaning your mask, and managing your buoyancy.
The course is meant to be both enjoyable and educational, with a mix of theoretical sessions, and open water dives. You will be able to practice your new abilities in a safe area before stepping out into the water to discover the magnificent marine life.

How to start ?

Begin your course right away, and request your online PADI open water material and exam before you arrive.
PADI training includes practice “mini dives” to help you build confidence in your new abilities before making four dives in open water.


Next levels


Very professional. They transmit a lot of confidence. Clear and concise explanations of diving technique. Competitive price
Marina Angulo
Open water diver
Second level

Advanced OW Diver

The PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Diver course will help you improve your diving skills and knowledge. You will do five dives during the course, including two The PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Diver course  This training will help you to improve your swimming skills, build confidence in the water, and explore new depths and habitats.

You’ll do three extra dives beyond the required ones. They’re specialty dives, offering chances to explore different underwater environments and develop new skills like photography or identifying fish. Options include underwater photography and fish identification among others, helping you broaden your expertise.

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Third Level

Rescue Diver Certification

The course lasts several days and involves both theoretical and practical instruction. The theoretical half consists of self-study utilizing the Rescue Diver manual, while the practical part consists of open water training sessions. The course is led by a licensed PADI instructor who will lead you through the training and help you learn the essential skills.


Divemaster Certification

PADI Divemaster Certification is a life changing experience that provides you with advanced abilities to lead and assist in a variety of  diving scenarios. This training is designed to sharpen your skills by imparting the knowledge and strategies required to handle emergency situations.


The PADI Dive master certification is a professional level scuba diving  certification that advances your diving abilities and knowledge, equipping you to lead and assist in a variety of diving activities.
Why consider DiveMaster course?

The course develops your leadership skills by teaching you how to direct and supervise diving operations, help instructors, and mentor less experienced divers.

You will get a deeper grasp of diving theory covering dive physics, physiology, equipment, and decompression 
theory, allowing you to give thorough instruction to 

Finishing the Dive master course is a first step toward a career in the diving industry.

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